Damages associated with clogged gutters

Gutters play a pivotal role in water collection by channeling water harvested from rain or melting snow into drainages. Since they are always in the open, constant cleaning of gutters is essential to prevent them from being clogged with debris, which poses significant damage to property besides interfering with water collection. Countries which experience four seasons such as Cincinnati, gutters should be cleaned both in fall and spring.

Consequently, United Window Cleaning professionals have identified six negative consequences which accompany the clogging of gutters. These include the following:

  1. Since water from the rain needs to flow through the gutters and into the downspout, and finally out of the compound, clogged gutters block the water from flowing in the designated channels and instead water flows over the gutter  edges and then slices through the foundation of the house. Such waters finally end at the house basement and may pose a significant threat to the stability of the house.
  2. Water flowing over clogged gutters and onto the surface of the house facilitates the growth of mold which thrives in environments which are moist and humid. Mold causes respiratory and various other health concerns. Mold also causes wood rot.
  3. Water which flows over clogged gutters can also seep into windows, doors, and fascia boards causing the growth of mold which in turn initiates rotting of the affected parts.
  4. Water which overflows from clogged gutters and onto the earth surface can potentially cause soil erosion.
  5. Water which flows over clogged gutters can form a pool around the foundation of a house and in the process eroding the landscape which supports the house foundation which leaves the house vulnerable seepage due to the development of cracks along its periphery.
  6. Also, water from clogged gutters is capable of initiating swellings in concrete which in turn initiates the development of cracks on drives and footpaths.

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