Cleaning and Repairing Gutters

For pre-clean gutters, one needs to climb to the rooftop using a ladder and then clear the gutters of goop. During this procedure, one need focus more on the downspouts; if debris clogging the gutter isn’t properly removed, the drainage would still be poor, and gutters will end up sagging.

One also needs to ascertain that the spikes supporting the gutters are in good shape to ensure that the gutters remain fastened.

One also needs to check out for any holes in the gutters and in case of any, and one can use new bead silicon to seal the holes on the gutters so that water doesn’t leak through.

Also, one needs to use a rivet gun to fasten the loose rivets holding the downspouts; in the case of a missing rivet, one needs to find a replacement as soon as possible.

Once done with the mechanical aspects of gutter maintenance, one needs to use a pressure washer to clean the gutters. Since not everyone may not be well conversant with how the pressure washer is operated, it is imperative that the
instructions of how it is used are read and understood.

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