Interesting facts regarding cleaning of gutters

How gutters get dirty

Various forms of dirt stick onto gutters and cumulatively form clogs. More often than not, plants and other organic materials are seen to grow on many gutters. Leaves and tree branches blown by wind often stick onto gutters; clogs and debris form silt at the layer of the gutters and in the process hinder the flow of water through gutters and into various drainage systems.

Importance of cleaning gutters

In many homes, gutters are the only defense that prevents water damage; they collect water from various sources and direct them to specific locations for drainage. If allowed to flow uncontrolled, water from the roof forms pools around the house or would drain along the walls causing leaks. Water drainage is real threat thus the need for the establishment of proper drainage mechanisms. Dirty and defective gutters interfere with the normal functioning of home drainages. Instead of directing water to specific channels for drainage, clogged and ineffective gutters allow overflow of water which causes harm to the house.

Clogs and silt are capable of eroding gutters made of metal, creating leaks, and ultimately ruining the functioning of the gutters.

Frequency of cleaning gutters

Regular cleaning of gutters is essential for maintaining their functionality and durability. The frequency of gutter cleaning is determined by the environment in which one lives. Nevertheless, for environments where few trees are found, gutters should be cleaned at least twice annually. Since each season comes with its form of dirt and wreckage, gutters should be cleaned at least once in three months.

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