Should Snow be Removed?

A majority of house roofs are not easily accessible thus making the process of removing snow and ice from such rooftops to be quite a dangerous. Instead of risking one’s life by climbing such rooftops, it is advisable that one seeks the service of certified and insured snow removal experts. To hire expert snow removers, one will have to part with $250-$500. Such experts will carry with them the required gears that make the process of snow removal faster and safe; it is also important that one shouldn’t expect to have the roof completely dry at the end of the process.

If one decides to remove the snow on their own, some important tips worth taking note of include anticipating the exact location on the roof where the snow or ice land. Also one needs to be cognizant of the fact that the objective isn’t
to get rid of all snow and ice that are visible, but just enough that would reduce the load of ice/snow supported by the roof.

Signs that a load of ice and snow supported by the house roof is too much include the following:

  1. The inner doors which are properly glued begin to stick, and the door frames begin to distort.
  2. Visible cracks in the plaster or walls surrounding interior doors Houses which are predisposed to experiencing roof distortions are those who underwent poor renovation. Besides, indecorous removal of the inner walls which support the load on the roof are often associated with a disastrous collapse of the roof.

According to Jon Eakes, an expert in house renovation, the weight, and not depth, of snow is the primary factor which determines excessive snow loads on the roof, since wet snow/ice is heavier than dry snow.
Nonetheless, house roofs are required by building regulations to be able to support the heaviest snow and ice of one’s area of residence. One can rely on reports from weather forecast to determine whether or not the loads of snow or ice a
re bound to be over the maximum weight which roofs can support.

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